Power of One Recognition

Power of One ReportSuccess in BNI is directly tied to each member being engaged in our system for success. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POWER OF ONE!

  • Every(ONE) Member is engaged in the activities to be a highly productive, contributing member of their chapter

  • Every(ONE) Chapter's Results are tied to the contributions of each member.

That's why we track our activities every week in BNI...What Gets Measured, Gets Done!

As we all work together to be our best, we want to recognize all of our members who are highly engaged in their chapters. Their ongoing commitment to their teams help to make their chapters more dynamic and their team members more successful.


CONGRATULATIONS to the BNI Middle Tennessee, Kentucky, Southern Indiana region members who are GREEN (70 or more points) during May 2020 listed below.

Chapter Member points
Business Accelerators Jack Graham 100
Business Accelerators Todd Crawford 100
Business Leaders Jennifer Rogers 100
Cool Springs Steck Johnson 100
High Income Partners Tim Pittman 100
Master Networkers Apeksha Patel 100
Money in The Morning Frank May 100
Partners in Business Thomas Stone 100
Premier JoAnne Maamry 100
Professional Partners Lars Kierspel 100
Relationships and Referrals Clelland Russell 100
Relationships and Referrals Janna Donovan 100
Relationships and Referrals Laura Wingfield 100
Relationships and Referrals Tammy Moloy 100
Top Producers Dean Heasley 100
West End John Ridenour 100
Williamson County Lina Wagoner 100
Williamson County Mindy Bledsoe 100
Williamson County Ryan Reid 100
Williamson County Todd Quillin 100
Alliance for Business Kim Leanhart 95
Give. Gain. Grow! Renee Williams 95
Legendary Networkers Jennifer Quillen 95
Louisville East Cara Lloyd 95
Louisville East Kimberly Logan 95
Master Networkers Terrell Cherry 95
Money in The Morning Jane Crowley 95
Nothin' but Net Edwin Cahill 95
Nothin' but Net Jeremy Bost 95
Opportunity Unlimited Adam Elder 95
Opportunity Unlimited Rob Holtzmann 95
Peak Success Drew Wisdom 95
Power Lunch Michael Hanke 95
Power Partners Beth Amlung 95
Power Partners Vicki Rogers 95
Premier Justin Laswell 95
Relationships and Referrals Brad Lawler 95
River City Robert Tiell 95
Williamson County Barry Campbell 95
Williamson County Emily Webber 95
Williamson County Jim McCarthy 95
Williamson County Paul Kraft 95
Williamson County Sharon Strange 95
Williamson County Tara Cheatham 95
Williamson County Todd Jackson 95
Business Accelerators Mark Fietsch, Financial Advisor 90
Business Advantage Jeff Schneider 90
Franklin Richard Friesen 90
Franklin Riley Knight 90
Givers Gain Group Cindy Hines 90
High Income Partners Angela Tobias 90
High Income Partners Anthony Trepka 90
High Income Partners Janet Carmichael 90
Influence Kimberly Beeny 90
Louisville East Bradley Sublett 90
Louisville East Joe French 90
Master Networkers Mary Davis 90
Master Networkers Willie Sandifer 90
Partners in Business Jeff Elder 90
Partners in Prosperity Michael Frank 90
Partners in Prosperity Missy Camp 90
Peak Success Michael Muller 90
Pinnacle Shank Kothare 90
Premier Mary Ann Schubert 90
Relationships and Referrals Chad Barnes 90
Relationships and Referrals Mary Ann Schweda 90
River City Missy Walker-Mandy 90
The Go Givers Michael Sands 90
West End Diane Morris 90
West End Noa D Stroop 90
Williamson County Alex Jerkins 90
Williamson County Taylor Schomp 90
Williamson County Travis Morgan 90
Alliance for Business Julia Clements 85
Bluegrass Business Builders Geni Osborn 85
Boro' Business Network Dana Morris 85
Business Leaders Leon Wright 85
Franklin Anna Palumbo 85
Franklin Brad Tunnell 85
Franklin Donovan Manley 85
Franklin Nicki Amidei 85
High Income Partners Andrea Bessone 85
Influence Carmela Ballard 85
Legendary Networkers Ryan Shive 85
Louisville East Christopher Ballantine 85
Louisville East Holly King 85
Louisville East Matt Drexler 85
Louisville East Neal Allen 85
Money in The Morning Brian Magazine 85
Network Exchange Brittniey Bartnick 85
Nothin' but Net Logan Moore 85
Opportunity Unlimited Tom Jordan 85
Optimum Network Bill Willoughby 85
Partners in Prosperity Kerry DeMuth 85
Partners in Prosperity Kristen English 85
Partners in Success Amy Torres 85
Peak Success James Kovacs 85
Peak Success John Cahill 85
Power Lunch Sara Aschbacher 85
Power Partners Tom Strohmeier 85
Premier Mark McNulty 85
Professional Partners Maverick Carnahan 85
Professional Partners Shaun Angel 85
Referral Masters Barbara Faye Harmon 85
Referral Masters Joy Kraeske 85
Referral Masters Karen Richards 85
Relationships and Referrals Becky Duncan 85
Relationships and Referrals Melissa Pruitt 85
River City Don Odom 85
River City Joe York 85
Strategic Partners Brian Cournoyer 85
The Go Givers Wendy Suttle 85
Top Producers Jason Retzlaff 85
West End Heidi Anderson 85
West End Portia Wells 85
Williamson County Cindy Boteler 85
Williamson County Jana Truman 85
Williamson County Joe Easley 85
Williamson County Kevin Watson 85
Williamson County Lauren Weibert 85
Williamson County Mayur Phadtare 85
Williamson County Melanie Culbreath 85
Williamson County Nicole Avellina 85
Alliance for Business Anne-Marie Hogan CPA 80
Alliance for Business Sheila Leanhart 80
Bluegrass Business Builders Katie Taylor 80
Brownsboro Road Garry Beckley 80
Business Accelerators Jim Railton 80
Business Accelerators Joel Stickler 80
Business Accelerators John Whatley 80
Business Builders Jacob McGee 80
Business Leaders Lia Schnell 80
Central Kentucky Cheri McMullin 80
Central Kentucky Janet Creech 80
Commonwealth Connections Britten McDowell 80
Cookeville Charter Josiah Kessie 80
Cool Springs Carrie Hill 80
Dollars & Sense Connie Bratcher 80
Dollars & Sense Marsha Wyzykowski 80
Frontliners Justin Sharp 80
Give. Gain. Grow! M. Todd Hausberger 80
Giving to Grow Elizabeth Lanham 80
Giving to Grow Jacob Suell 80
Legendary Networkers Emily Conley 80
Money in The Morning Andrew Cope 80
Morning Motivators Tina Craig 80
Network Exchange Sigmund Labhart 80
Nothin' but Net Amber Sanders 80
Nothin' but Net Kayce Zeller 80
Opportunity Unlimited Nikki Kovacs 80
Optimum Network Stacey Smith 80
Partners in Prosperity Brittnie Eiden 80
Peak Success Kat Baker 80
Power Lunch Bruce Corwin 80
Power Partners Jonathan McCoy 80
Preferred Partners Christopher Green 80
Preferred Partners Tommy Wheatley 80
Premier Maria Mackey 80
Premier of the Bluegrass James Coffman 80
Prime Connections Marco Vrionez 80
Referral Masters Jeff Broome 80
Referral Masters Kate Gauf 80
Referral Partners Cherie Cline 80
Relationships and Referrals Allen Priest 80
Relationships and Referrals Katie Esterle 80
Relationships and Referrals Mike Grine 80
The Go Givers Brian Stentz 80
The Go Givers Danny Snyder 80
Total Networking Team Shawna Wood 80
Tuesdays with Money Kyle Gorman 80
West End Bob Ward 80
West End Kristen Shields 80
Williamson County Geoff Skene 80
Williamson County Joe Gadd 80
Williamson County Mindi Haskin 80
Williamson County Shay Horseman 80
Williamson County Taylor Reed 80
Williamson County Tom Law 80
Alliance for Business Lisa Davis 75
Bluegrass Business Builders Damian Peduto 75
Bluegrass Business Builders Jim Kelly Wasson 75
Bluegrass Business Builders Lura Justice 75
Bluegrass Business Builders Phillip Morgan 75
Boro' Business Network Jeff Edge Financial Advisor 75
Boro' Business Network Jon Cole 75
Boro' Business Network Ralph Krisher 75
Brownsboro Road Mike Smith 75
Brownsboro Road Stacey Parks 75
Business Accelerators Amy Johnston 75
Business Accelerators Charity Pike 75
Business Advantage Janet Dischinger 75
Business Builders Cynthia Miles Brown 75
Business Builders Sandra Gugliotta 75
Cookeville Charter Thomas Gentry 75
Core Networking Elaine Nawiesniak 75
Creating Connections Ashley Holloway 75
Creating Connections Scott Stuible 75
Dollars & Sense Curt Ingram 75
Franklin Ted Ilanchelian 75
Frontliners Brittany Stallings 75
Frontliners Tim Wilhoit 75
Give. Gain. Grow! Kevin Jones 75
Give. Gain. Grow! Rachel Crowder 75
Giving to Grow Michael Schad 75
Greater Louisville Elizabeth Monarch 75
High Income Partners Lara O'Guin 75
High Noon Networkers Jonathon Estes 75
Horizon Jeremy Howard 75
Influence Justyn Melendez 75
Legendary Networkers Steve Terrell 75
Louisville East Brian Reed 75
Louisville East Dan Hall 75
Louisville East Greg Bartholomai 75
Louisville East Kevin Ruhs 75
Louisville East Kyle Kaiman 75
Louisville East Missy Norris 75
Louisville East Raymond Paulin 75
Master Networkers Joe Bennett 75
Master Networkers John Parkhurst 75
Money in The Morning Bret Roebling 75
Morning Motivators Tracey Moore 75
Network Exchange Rob Foncannon 75
Nothin' but Net Matt Krieg 75
Optimum Network Matt Duncan 75
Partners in Prosperity Heather McCormick 75
Peak Performers John Ambrose 75
Peak Performers Stephen Hall 75
Peak Success Ramona Butler 75
Power Partners Chris White 75
Power Partners Denise Wisdom 75
Power Partners Joe Hulsey 75
Power Partners Patti Naiser 75
Premier Robert White 75
Premier of the Bluegrass Robert McGeorge 75
Prime Connections Donna Monarch 75
Referrals for Life Barbara Abramson 75
River City Harry Hinkle, PCM, ECCP, SPHR, MBA 75
River City Sonia Johnson 75
Success Masters Janet Poland 75
The Go Givers Chera Wilbanks 75
The Go Givers Elizabeth Tipping 75
The Go Givers Jason Santiago 75
The Go Givers Lee Ryser 75
The Producers Shautana Graves 75
Top Producers James Dawes 75
Top Producers Russ Hensley 75
Trusted Connections Calley Crews-Gerber 75
Trusted Connections Matt Ferree 75
West End Andrew Jennings 75
West End Anna Cotten 75
West End Jay Lowenthal 75
Williamson County Aaron Cooper 75
Williamson County David Crabtree 75
Williamson County Hollie Holt 75
Williamson County Kellye Rice 75
Williamson County Kyle Felts 75
Williamson County Melissa Burton 75
Williamson County Thomas Elmlinger 75
Alliance for Business Julie Hook 70
Better Networkers Eric Dodson 70
Brownsboro Road Lyn Mabry 70
Brownsboro Road Mona Lisa Clark 70
Business Advantage Chris Risher 70
Business Advantage Phil Mix 70
Business Builders David Burks 70
Business Builders Jill Lowry 70
Business Leaders Masheka Turner 70
Business Leaders Matt Moushon 70
Central Kentucky Jenny Bickers 70
Commonwealth Connections Franko Antolovich 70
Commonwealth Connections Trina Martin 70
Cookeville Charter Kerri Hunt 70
Core Networking Ellen Howell 70
Core Networking J. Stephen Brown 70
Core Networking Wes Dugan 70
Creating Connections Taylor Wood 70
Franklin Brandon Hutcheson 70
Franklin Jeremy Rowe 70
Franklin Katherine Mee 70
Frontliners Matthew Warren 70
Give. Gain. Grow! Krystal Atkinson 70
Givers Gain Group Angel Hill 70
High Income Partners Joseph Wilson 70
High Noon Networkers Christie Martin 70
Impact Sarah Martin 70
Influence Sherry Newcomb 70
Legendary Networkers Brian Martin 70
Louisville East Bill French 70
Louisville East Bob Brymer 70
Louisville East Dennis Harding 70
Louisville East Jeff Walston 70
Louisville East Lisa Sams 70
Louisville East Stuart Alexander 70
Louisville East Tammy Hubbard 70
Master Networkers Amber Bentine 70
Master Networkers Martin Blair 70
Money in The Morning Evie Barr 70
Money in The Morning Kelly Parrish 70
Money in The Morning Kristin McLaughlin 70
Money in The Morning Laura Johnson 70
Money in The Morning Rebecca Balich 70
Morning Motivators Christion House 70
Morning Motivators Jeff Meade 70
Network Exchange Susan Cline 70
Nothin' but Net Stephanie Morris 70
Opportunity Knocks Amber Kennoy 70
Optimum Network Bill Laird 70
Partners in Business Matt Fowler 70
Partners in Prosperity Chris Vaughn 70
Peak Performers Shane Casey 70
Peak Success Amanda Berry 70
Peak Success Jennifer Hilger-Muller 70
Peak Success Jeremy Wetzel 70
Peak Success Mary Rose Hulsey 70
Power Lunch Angela Grimm 70
Power Networking Laura Ernst 70
Power Networking Rebecca Way 70
Power Partners David Cooper 70
Power Partners David Snyder 70
Power Partners Holly Cline 70
Power Partners Rob Campbell 70
Power Partners Teresa Doyle 70
Premier George Howard 70
Premier of the Bluegrass Caroline Kasik 70
Premier of the Bluegrass John Schrader 70
Referral Masters Cliff White 70
Referral Masters James Ferguson 70
Referral Partners Jamie Abbott 70
Referral Partners Michael King 70
Referrals for Life Becca Willocks 70
Relationships and Referrals Jordan Satterwhite 70
Relationships and Referrals Joshua Walker 70
River City Dave Huber 70
River City John Mayfield 70
Success Alliance Alan Worthy 70
Success Alliance Matt Cooper 70
Success Connection Linda Vittitoe 70
Success Masters Dustin Downs 70
Success Masters Megan Gayhart 70
The Go Givers Deanna Christensen 70
The Go Givers John McEachen 70
The Go Givers Margarett Kernell 70
Top Producers Lacey Guth 70
Total Networking Team Candice Overstreet 70
Total Networking Team Rodney Peters 70
Total Networking Team Ryan Adams 70
Total Networking Team Stacey Martin 70
Trusted Connections Bradley Taylor Bald 70
Williamson County Brent Clifford 70
Williamson County Darryl Clark 70
Williamson County Jesse Lunceford-Levesque 70
Williamson County Keith Rathbun 70
Williamson County Kim McKeeman 70
Williamson County Matthew McElveen 70
Williamson County Michelle Rathbun 70
Williamson County Patti Lynn Sharp 70


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